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06 June 2020, 06:30 PM

A Dialogue Circle Process

Speaker expertise

Susan Kaiulani Stanton (Mohawk/Native Hawaiian) is the Founder and Senior Grandmother of Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation, an international organization that travels the world in service of Mother Earth and future generations, giving birth to new Grandmother councils all over the planet. Susan is Vice-President of the Great Balance, bi-located in the United States and Colombia with a focus on building a culturally appropriate university and the planting of one million trees to protect and perpetuate the culture and sacred land of the mamos, the Indigenous People of the beautiful Sierra Nevadas de Santa Marta. She is a delegate with the International Public Policy Institute to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and has also participated in United Nations forums on Indigenous rights. Susan lives with her husband Brad Walking Bear Stanton (Narragansett) on the Mississippi River in the heartland of North America.

This Process has 2 steps: 1) Glenn Aparicio Parry will facilitate a smaller dialogue circle with a blend of stewards and Native American participants for about 1,5 -2h 2) We will then ripple out in wider groups, each facilitated by a member of the inner circle and continue the dialogue for again about 1,5h. The dialogue might then ripple further into your communities and organizations. Glenn will facilitate this circle by introducing us to the Hybrid Dialogue Variation of Bohmian Dialogue developed in the SEED Institute's Spirtual Language Conferences from 1999-2011.

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