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07 June 2020, 07:30 PM

Session: Emergent Dialogue

Today, amongst us highly individuated humans, communication holds the potential for emergence. Setting the conditions and holding the posture to facilitate emergence enables human beings to work in a new way together. It enables integrative synthesis and breakthrough ideas to arise from a co-creative process in a group. This is not simply "everyone having their say" or having their voice heard. It's an enlivened diversity arising from the whole of the group that can transform conflict into creative friction with unforeseen outcomes.

In this brief introduction to what we call Emergent Dialogue, we will explore how to create collective coherence in order that a new co-conscious emergence can arise. Our focus is on the "We Space," the intersubjective realm that comes alive between conscious individuals who are committed to engaging together for a purpose. In this brief intro, we will invite participants to explore this We Space of co-creative emergence with us.

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Thomas Steininger

I have a Ph.D. in philosophy and I am publisher of evolve, the leading German integral magazine on consciousness and culture. I speak internationally on cultural evolution and the different spiritual and cultural currents that have formed our postmodern world. I am a faculty member at Meridian University in California. Together with Elizabeth Debold I created the “Emergent Dialogues,” an innovative We-space practice and pioneering experiment in conscious communication, which we use globally

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